I listened to a presentation yesterday by a professor who was an expert on Ukrainian, Russian and Western Politics. The timeline of his lecture was in 2015.

He asked the listeners if they remembered or knew about the Cuba incident in the early 60’s. He explained how the USA felt and discussed the Monroe Doctrine.

He compared the two events: CUBA and Ukraine. Ukraine is in Russia’s back yard as is CUBA in ours.

He showed us a map of Ukraine and its areas that speak Russian and areas that speak Ukrainian. It is almost split in half by the Dnieper River that empties into the Black Sea.
He predicted in 2015 that if the West encouraged Ukraine to join the European Union and/or NATO that Putin would not accept this. He Predicted that if Ukraine tried that approach, that Putin would destroy all progress made in Ukraine since its independence.

The professor blamed the problem on the USA and Western Europe for trying to pull Ukraine away from Russian influence. He said Ukraine, since it borders on Russia and used to be part of the USSR. Putin feels the same as we felt with CUBA.

I am not defending Russia’s actions. I am pro freedom and liberty.

According to this professor, Sending troops to Ukraine will lead to WWIII, and a probable nuclear confrontation.

As far as a strategic interest for the USA. Ukraine is not. The freedom loving people in Ukraine are paying the price of resisting the totalitarian dictatorship of Russia.
Russia is doing exactly what this professor predicted 6-7 years ago. He will destroy the country of Ukraine and all its western influence.

I support the freedom loving people of Ukraine and their resistance. I do not think the western world will risk nuclear war.
I do not think Putin will allow a Westernized country so close to its borders, free Russian speaking people communicating with Russian citizens is not tolerable to the Putin Regime.
As predicted years ago by this professor, Putin will destroy Ukraine if it wants to turn to the west. Who can stop him with out risking WWIII or a nuclear confrontation?

Freedom and liberty should be for all. That is not acceptable to PUTIN, to China, to North Korea nor to IRAN. In that part of the world the deck is stacked in Putin’s favor. Until the Russian people demand freedom and liberty for themselves despots will always reign in Russia. The Russian people are used to being ruled.

The professor said we are playing a losing hand.

Do you think the situation in Ukraine is similar to the intolerance of Russia missiles in Cuba?

We must understand both sides of this conflict. If not we will engage in a war we do not want. The Ukrainian people are brave and determined.

Putin will destroy their progress, but not their desire to be free. I wish they had a fleet of Wart HOGS. But they do not. The outcome is obvious to me. Prolonged resistance ,brutal retaliations and Ukraine will always be dominated my MOTHER RUSSIA until Russians in Russia decide to be free themselves. They do not have that DNA.